Underfloor wheelset lathes

Underfloor wheelset lathes

Our strategic partner Koltech specialises in the manufacture of mechanical machines and equipment for the maintenance of rail vehicles and repair facilities. The underfloor wheelset lathes of the types TUP 650, TUP 650H and TUP 650SH are used for the regeneration of wheelset profiles on rail-bound vehicles. The wheelsets to be machined can remain mounted on the vehicle or bogie.

Types and max. axle loads:

Koltech TUP650

Koltech TUP650H

Technical Data

TUP 650 TUP 650H TUP 650SH
Geometry of the wheelsets:
Running circle diameter  500-800 mm  600-1250 mm  600-1400 mm
Brake disc diameter 300-500 mm 300-500 mm 300-500 mm
Technical characteristics of the lathe:
Main drive power  21 kW  30 kW  55 kW
Work proposals  0,1-1,0 mm/U  0,1-1,5 mm/U  0,1-2,5 mm/U
Wide 1300 mm 1300 mm  1530 mm

Standard equipment of the TUP underfloor lathes:


Centring between centres and/or via the inner axlebox- TUP 650

Centring via the outer and/or inner axleboxes – TUP 650H

Centring via the outer axle bearings – TUP 650SH



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