SIM IMPEX is an international company based in Germany specialized in the supply, marketing, sale and distribution of products for the rail and mining industries as well as industrial equipment for the Latin American market.


  • We have a strong network of agents and partners worldwide to promote the sale, and provide after sales service for a wide range of products.
  • We are conformed of a dynamic group of products, market, and industry experts. Each of our foreign sales agencies is staffed with experts in the railway field that have local knowledge about their product lines and commercial conditions.
  • We offer products, and develop projects with a high awareness of service that is expected by our partners and customers.
  • We possess a detailed knowledge of international trade, a target country's industrial structure and market.
  • We ensure our clients the best advice to optimize their supply chains in terms of quality, know-how, technological development, budgets and delivery times.
  • We cooperate with strategic partners in regions of high economic and industrial growth at the international level.


To establish a solid, stable, business organization, always in a state of transformation. Which is referenced in the market in relation to processes of consultation, technical assistance, strategy design, engineering plans, market analysis and product positioning for projects between Latin America and Germany.

Our main objective is rooted in the mission of the company, to design plans and strategies for the development of economic projects that allow industrial and commercial companies and government agencies to operate in an international environment with a higher level of security and trust, through the commitment and knowledge of a team of specialists in a broad and diversified portfolio of economic sectors; offering tools for comprehension and understanding of culturally distinct and highly competitive markets as well as identifying optimal cooperation channels and technology transfer, through a comprehensive analysis and business intelligence for the positioning of finished and capital goods in a target market.


  • Professionalism, transparency and honesty to our customers and strategic partners
  • Negotiations based on principles of cooperation and fair trade
  • Personalized and coordinated management directly by the managing partners
  • Corporate social responsibility
  • High levels of productivity and performance in our activities
  • Respect for international law and standards
  • Utilization of practices and / or methods based on the protection and conservation of the environment
  • Constant optimization of work environment
  • Build sustainability and financial security


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