Static test benches

Bogie test stands, shock absorber test stands, compression stands, torsion test stands, spring test presses, bogie lifting devices and mobile assembly presses.

Through many years of experience, Nencki has acquired a great deal of know-how in the testing of bogies and springs and is familiar with the various requirements and standards of its international clientele.

Nencki equipment is in use in numerous maintenance workshops for efficient and simple function checks. The international service also includes qualified advice at all stages of the order.


Bogie test stands
Shock absorber test stands
Pressure stands
Torsion test stands
Spring test presses
Bogie lifting device
Mobile assembly press


Nencki is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bogie test benches with sometimes complex functions such as tilting and navigator.

Each NBT bogie test stand can be equipped according to the specific requirements of the customer. The wheel loads, spring deflections, axle distances, etc. can be measured and recorded fully automatically, thanks to the computer control system.