A key factor for the successful operation and maintenance management of railroad facilities is the availability of materials. Therefore, our organization provides our customers with efficient procurement management to generate competitive advantages.

SIM IMPEX plans, coordinates and executes the movement, receipt, storage, monitoring, maintenance, shipping and disposal of materials, equipment, systems and tools. It also includes wear components, other equipment and services that our customers need to support their projects, such as:

  • Logistics and shipping
  • Warranty
  • Availability of materials
  • Inventory and warehouse management
  • Consolidated supply contracts
  • Delivery of materials


With a vision of continuous improvement, SIM IMPEX involves its customers in the process of procurement, service and after-sales support. SIM IMPEX has local personnel in the markets where it operates, so we can provide our customers with the appropriate service and technical support. Our services include monitoring the functionality and reliability of the equipment, performing scheduled and maintenance, and supplying parts, assemblies and spare parts. Regardless of the execution of consolidated or non-consolidated contracts, SIM IMPEX has a stock of materials to supply products with competitive delivery times to ensure the operation of the systems.


Proper asset management is a guarantee of compliance with the indicators of success. Approximately 75% of the cost of the assets must be allocated to the maintenance processes. SIM IMPEX contributes to a better traceability of the assets in operation and thus to the optimization of the life cycle costs of the systems. Our management focus will be on issues that are fundamental to this management:

  • Condition-based maintenance of assets: we work closely with our partners to implement maintenance concepts that enable extended life, reliability monitoring, and reduced reactive activities on the shop floor.
  • Obsolescence analysis: Our knowledge enables us to anticipate accelerated obsolescence of systems and components, find solutions and replacements adapted to the technical requirements, and reduce the risk of discontinuation of operations and high investments.
  • RAMS Implementation: Reliability, availability, maintainability, and safety are variables of effective engineering process management methods that enable high levels of plant performance. SIM IMPEX develops concepts, methods and processes that can be implemented in existing organizations, either with the supply of our products or as a service in existing facilities and organizational structures.
  • Optimization of life cycle costs of components (LCC): SIM IMPEX supports its customers in predicting the costs of assets over their lifetime. This includes not only the acquisition cost, but also the cost of maintenance processes, inspections, parts and spare parts, and other additional costs related to logistics.
  • Reverse engineering: SIM IMPEX develops and optimizes components and systems through processes that allow information or a design to be obtained from a product. In this way it is possible to determine which parts of the system, their characteristics and interfaces with the other components considered during the manufacturing process.


SIM IMPEX actively collaborates with equipment manufacturers to develop more efficient and fluid workshop operation concepts with the aim of minimizing train operating degradation. The SIM IMPEX technical team analyzes and evaluates with the customer the quantity, characteristics, operation and availability of the rolling stock in order to select equipment and process flows that optimize resources during maintenance.


Our expertise in systems with high relevance to security and operational maintainability of the system enables us to develop solutions for the modernization of systems with a high degree of obsolescence at a very competitive price and value for our customers. The dizzying evolution of technology and digitalization in the global environment brings important challenges for the technological preservation of assets. SIM IMPEX analyzes, designs and implements modernizations in its areas of expertise, such as bogies and components, air brake systems, air and anti-vibration suspension.


SIM IMPEX supports its clients in the technical analysis of components, equipment and systems and develops the appropriate documentation to ensure proper operation and maintenance. The documentation enables the creation of databases for decision-making in asset management and the development of training programs for personnel.


Updating the expertise of the technical and administrative personnel who operate the equipment has always been the basis of management. SIM IMPEX supports its customers through constantly updated training programs for the equipment and systems it distributes. The main areas are the conceptualization of theoretical and practical training programs, the analysis of international standards, maintenance programs, damage analysis, storage and operation.


SIM IMPEX supports its customers in the design, documentation, development and implementation of approval programs for components with high relevance to system safety. Working closely with our manufacturers’ design departments, SIM IMPEX performs information gathering, simulates operation using finite element analysis, and supports the customer with documentation and process monitoring until it is ensured that new components meet the safety requirements defined in the design phase. Our expertise covers the full range of wear components in areas such as bogies and components, brakes and vibration systems.