On November 18, the International Seminar on Rail Vehicle Maintenance Technology, organized by Sim Impex GmbH in cooperation with Col Impex Colombia, took place in Bogota, Colombia. More than 100 participants from the industry attended the seminar.

The event focused on showcasing solutions, engineering capabilities, production and services in the railway sector. Special attention was given to new and modern technologies that allow our customers to optimize the life cycle cost of their assets through innovative maintenance processes.

On this occasion, we had the participation of companies internationally recognized for their innovations and technological solutions in the field of railway maintenance, from Germany, Italy and Poland.


  International speakers Exhibition topics
Renzo Bonato
Head of Sales & Operations
Railway Division 
BBM, Italy
Technology for the bogie workshop
Elisabeth Schömer (presented by Jorge Castro)
Executive Assistant to CEO
Bivial technology for level 1 and level 2 maintenance


Ralf Haselmann
Area Sales Manager
Maintenance technology levels 1 and 2


Simon Bianco
Area Manager 
IRMIE, Italy
Test benches for preventive maintenance and depot power solutions


Michal Garbaciok
Deputy Sales Director 
Strategic equipment for rolling stock safety


José Enrique Peña
Gerente de Ventas 
SIM IMPEX, Germany
Technologies for maintenance optimization in passenger and freight rail systems