Multi Voltage Power Supply Systems in dedicated room for Traction Tests

Solutions installed in dedicated room with variable voltage for supply of train convoys in maintenance depot


Our strategic partner Irmie Impianti offers static converters to feed rolling stocks in maintenance depots. Solutions are available with outputs ranging from tens of kW through to 4 MW and above, on request. The obtainable output voltages, adjustable as required by the standard EN50163, are as follows:

25 kV 50 Hz

15 kV 16 2/3 Hz

1,5 kV 50 Hz

3 kVdc

1,5 kVdc

750 Vdc

 600 Vdc

The converters can be powered at the following input voltages:

400 Vac (on request 415 Vac)

Medium Voltage (11 kV – 15 kV – 20 kV)

3 kVdc (directly from the overhead line)

25 kVac 50Hz single phase (directly from the overhead line)

15kVac 16 2/3 Hz (directly from the overhead line)

Other power supply solutions on request The solutions mentioned can be installed in dedicated rooms or in containers. Solutions with a power lower than 500 kW can be provided on wheels.


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