Sanitary connections and cooling systems

Sanitary Premium


Rail Sanitary Premium


Sanitary hose for conveying water in the train toilets, oil traces and ozone resistant.


EN 45545:2015 HL3 R22 and R23; BS 6853.
hardwall hose designed to convey water in the sanitary connections of trains toilets.
Temperature: from – 30°C (-22°F) to +70°C (+158°F).
Branding: green transfer tape “Rail (family logo) Sanitary Premium EN 45545:2015 HL3 R22/R23 – BS 6853”.


Tube: black, smooth, special synthetic rubber compound.
Reinforcement: high strength synthetic cord plus embedded steel helix wire.

Cover: black, smooth (wrapped finish) special synthetic rubber compound, ozone, ageing, weathering and oil mist resistant.

Available upon request
  • According to DIN 5510-2 S3/SR2/ST2
  • Sanitary Star for drinking water with IIR food quality rubber
  • Different diameters.


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