Our partner KOLTECH is specialized in the production of mechanical machines and devices for rail vehicle maintenance and repair facilities.

The underfloor wheel lathes types, TUP 650, TUP 650H and TUP 650SH are designed for reconditioning of wheel profiles of all ranges of rail vehicles.

The machining process is carried out without the necessity of dismantling the wheelsets from the vehicle.

TUP 650 lathe is designed for light rail vehicles like tramways where single axle load does not exceed 10000 daN whereas TUP 650H lathe is for e.g. traction units of subways where single axle load does not exceed 17000 daN, and TUP 650SH lathe is for railway applications where single axle load does not exceed 30000 daN.


TUP 650 TUP 650H TUP 650SH
Geometry of wheelsets:    
Track gauge standard 1435 mm
Wheel tread diameter: min-max  500-800mm  600-1250 mm  600-1400 mm
Width of wheel tyre  80-120 mm  100-145 mm  110-150 mm
Brake disc diameter 300-500 mm
Max load on single axle  10000 daN  17000 daN  30000 daN
Technical parameters of machine:   
Infinitely variable cutting speed  40-110 m/min  30-110 m/min  30-120 m/min
Main drive motor power  21 kW  30 kW  55 kW
Total installed power  60 kW  60 kW  100 kW
Range of working feeds  0,1-1,0 mm/rev  0,1-1,5 mm/rev  0,1-2,5 mm/rev
Max. cross-section of cutting layer per side  3 mm2  6 mm2  10 mm2
Height 1500 mm  2360 mm
Width 1300 mm  1530 mm
Length 4400 mm  4900 mm

Standard equipment of underfloor wheel lathes TUP:


kolazTUP 2013 PL druk kopia klein


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