Unimog up to 1000t

High tractive force

The Unimog from our strategig partner Zwiehoff with rail guide is a real powerhouse. High tractive and braking forces are achieved by utilizing the high coefficient of friction between the rubber tires and the steel rail. The Unimog handles heavy shunting work up to 1000 t trailer load effortlessly and reliably. The Unimog’s torque converter clutch with semi-automatic transmission enables jerk-free pulling work and optimum conversion of engine power into high pulling forces – with just a few gear changes and without having to engage the clutch.

Two-way equipment

When used as a shunting vehicle, the Unimog is equipped with a railcar braking system for 400, 600 or 800 t in addition to a signal light and warning system. Fast filling of the air tanks ensures rapid and safe shunting operations.

Coupling devices are available in various designs: mechanical, automatic, damped with high-swing device or as a customer-specific special solution. For 1-man shunting operations, the road-rail vehicle can also be equipped with a radio remote control.


Zwiehoff Unimog Zwiehoff Unimog

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